Bangarra Dancer

Organically the concept of transcendence is a recurring motif in this series. A byproduct of channeling your consciousness through art seems to be
a state of transcendence, but is anyone surprised?

Consciousness is not of the physical body, so why would it stay within those confines when given permission to leave?

Yawuru woman Lillian Banks attests to that observation, watching her move you believe she is not a part of the space she fills, she is beyond it. As she moves she hypnotizes, her limbs drawing out the symbols she uses to draw you into her trance. She uses her body to communicate and with Lillian there’s so much to say. Her connection to her land, her ancestry and her love intensify the experience and move you in such a powerful way, it’s captivating.

“When moving, I let my spirit take over, I connect to the land, sky and the knowledge passed down to me.

This connection drives my movement.

As an artist I can be influenced by the mainstream but this doesn’t define me, it only inspires me to connect back to my roots.
This keeps me grounded.”


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KCP Collective respectfully acknowledges the Traditional Owners of Country throughout Australia and recognises their continuing connection to land, waters, and culture. We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging. Always was, always will be.