A witch living in a pulp world, Stella draws inspiration from comic books and mysticism, blending the two together
in a way that just works.

She draws the femme fatale, the girls who need nothing from no one. The witches and the goddesses, her universe captures and amplifies the power of what it means to be a woman. The strength, the magic, the mystique. Stellas girls are all different, some naked under the moonlight spread across the sand like mermaids, others city dwellers kicking trash out the back of their gymnasium whilst smoking cigarettes. She identifies the parallels between all us girls, wherever we are and whatever we’re doing. She replays back to us just how mysterious we are, aphrodites in a cityscape, goddesses hidden in our bedrooms. Her frame of mind pierces through society's shackles placed around our ankles, and sets us free.

What is your worst/best style moment?

Worst would be when I shaved half my head in high school.
Best would be my full head of hair that I have now.

What's your idea of perfect happiness?

Who would you invite to your fantasy dinner party?

Garfield, Gandalf, the entire Addams family, Stephen King, Patti Smith, Hello Kitty.

What traits do you admire in others?

A sense of humour

What superpower do you wish you had (real or fiction)?

What is your idea of total misery? 

What would you have for your last meal? 


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