Italian luxury brand Aniye Records is not for the faint of heart. Sister to luxury brand Aniye By, Est 2000, Aniye Records is designed with the most eclectic and pioneering of rock music icons in mind: David Bowie, Sid and Nancy, The Runaways, the brand speaks to the unapologetic and adventurous.

Since its launch the label has made waves in Italian fashion for going so boldly against the classic glamor and cleanliness usually associated with Italian fashion. Designer and Creative Director Alessandra Marchi has been long known as the master of refined tailoring and sharp constructions, so the rebelliousness she brings to Aniye Records is masterful and purposeful.

Studded leather, raw lace, gauzy silk and chiffon come together in each collection, and the result is an alchemy of spellbinding juxtaposition.

In-fact juxtaposition is at the core of the brands DNA. Weaving sharpness and softness together, lace bleeds over leather, elaborately placed tears in delicate fabrics and sharp tailoring that opens out into soft rivers of material, all explore the story of what it means to be both.



Melbourne based designer Asiyam is a fashion week favourite, sending collections down the runway every year since 2018.
In 2022 Asiyam received a Next Gen title and showed during AAFW and was an invited guest for the Australian Fashion Council in 2018 and 2019. 

Experiencing fashion through the lens of a first generation immigrant, Hassan designs from her own life, balancing the traditions of her roots with the modernity of fashion. Throughout her career she has never wavered from her distinct style despite knowing that modest tailoring in the Australian fashion industry hasn’t meant an easy path forward. In interviews she is often asked whether wearing a hijab restricts her style to which she always laughs and confirms that on the contrary, instead she has more ways to blend, drape, layer and create.

It seems that now the rest of the industry is catching on to the magic that Asiyam has been creating and the brand is receiving global recognition, deemed to be at the forefront of contemporary modest design.

freya douglas ferguson

‘One of London’s most exciting young jewellery designers’    i-D Magazine

Freya Douglas Ferguson is an artist and designer based in London creating sculptural jewellery.

She started her eponymous label after completing a post-graduate in stone carving, where she began to develop her interdisciplinary practice in glassblowing, carving, forgery and casting. Driven by niche modes of making and craftsmanship, she finds radical and innovative ways of re-engaging traditional crafts in a contemporary context.

Her distinct jewellery, often forged using the ancient process of lost wax casting, merges mystical and primordial aesthetics with sleek, futuristic design. Since launching, Freya Douglas Ferguson has been selected as a Bloomberg’s New Contemporaries artist, collaborated with designers KNWLS, Ugo Paulon, Christina Seewald, Talia Byre and Gareth Wrighton and her work has been worn by Willow Smith, Demi Lovato, Halsey, Caroline Polachek and Yves Tumor.

Using the method of ancient lost wax casting, the jewellery created seems unconstrained by its own material properties; where the necklaces, earrings and rings grow, melt and wrap around the body.




Debuting in 2017 at London Fashion Week, Haluminous presented itself to the world as a brand with secrets. Woven through the garments, you can feel where beauty and pain intertwine, delicacy and harshness coexist. The romantic darkness pulls you in with a fervor and as you explore you learn the stories sewn into each garment. Hauntingly, devastatingly beautiful.

Inspired by dark fairytales, the brand embodies a tragic romance, evoking a sense of nostalgia and longing. The brand's aesthetic is a blend of gothic and victorian silhouettes, infused with modern tailoring techniques.

Each piece is crafted with intention, to convey an underlying message of dream, romance, and a hint of gothic allure. Haluminous is not just a brand, it's a journey Into the depths of one's emotions, a celebration of the beauty within the darkness.

The latest collection by Haluminous; Moonlit Reverie tells too the tale of romance and tragedy, fusing together the elements of fragility and harshness to create a collection of intertwining energies. As you follow the designs you’re drawn into a tale which could be lore and it could be truth, for truth is often stranger than fiction. So go forward and let the dark fantasy of a moonlit reverie wash over you.



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